New URL Reminder!

Hello all!

I can't believe it's been a month since I changed my blog's name and URL to brynnash!  If you haven't already changed the URL in your reader, please do!  You can now find me at brynnash.blogspot.com.


Hope you're all having a great summer! :)


New Blog URL

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to write another friendly reminder that my blog has been moved to brynnash.blogspot.com.  If you still want to follow along, I would love to have you add my new URL to your reader :)  I'm still doing the 30x30...yesterday's post can be seen here!!


Fourteen + New Blog URL!

Top: Target Skirt: Target Cardigan: TJMaxx Flats: Payless Necklace: Gift

The last time I wore my nude flats, Rooney decided they looked like a good chew toy.  I was so bummed, and immediately went online to reorder another pair.  They arrived just this week, so I'm really happy to be wearing them again.  I was down a pair of shoes in my 30x30!  Yikes!

I wanted to alert you all that I'm changing the name of my blog to brynnash.  The URL will be changing to brynnash.blogspot.com as well.  I just wanted to let you know to change my URL in your reader to my new address.  I'm making the change for a few reasons.  First, "brynnash" has been my email account for about 8 years now, and has been my username for many things.  It feels like "me" and I'm really attached to it.  When I first started blogging here, "brynnash" was already taken (it was my old college blog, had two posts, and I couldn't figure out how to access it again).  I spent a lot of time today recovering old email addresses and freeing up the URL so that I could have it for this blog.  I never felt attached to "The Original Brynn" and it has always bothered me that "brynnash" is not my blog's name.  So, now that it's available, I'm making the switch!!

If you'd like to keep following along with my blog, please add brynnash.blogspot.com to whatever reader you use, and feel free to follow me on Google Friend Connect at my new site as well.  Thank you!

If anything funky is happening on the new site, please let me know as well - I would love to hear from you!



Shirt: Target, thrifted new Jeans: Old Navy Shoes: Target, thrifted new Necklace: Gift

I had a completely different outfit planned for today, but we got close to 5 inches of rain last night, cooling down everything and turning our heavily air-conditioned apartment into a near ice box.  Since I'm hanging around home working on homework today, I decided to dress a little more warmly than the shorts and tank top I was originally planning on wearing.

I mentioned that my family was coming over last night to see Spamalot with Kevin and me, and it was SO good.  Seriously, if you haven't seen that show and enjoy British humor, it is fantastic.  It was a great way to kick off our weekend!



 Dress: Target Jacket: Levi's Sandals: Target Necklace: Forever 21

I'm pretty sure my camera is dying a slow, obnoxious death.  On the one hand, it's fine, because it's a crappy camera and I have had it for almost 6 years.  On the other hand, I'm bummed because...no camera?!  Oy.  Luckily, I found a self-timer app for my iPhone, and I wound up taking today's pictures on my phone!  Believe it or not, it's easier for me to take a details shot (like the one above) with my phone than with my camera!  I thought it was really slick to take photos today, so I'm going to try this out for a while.  I'll play with the settings a little bit and editing, etc., but so far, I am a fan.

Tonight, my parents and brother are driving down to our place for dinner and to see our university's production of Spamalot!  I'm so excited - I love musical theater, and Spamalot is so hilarious!  Kevin and my mom haven't seen it before, and I can't wait to get their read on the show.  Plus, our university's theater department is awesome.  They do more shows in a school year than any other school in the country!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Who's doing something exciting?



Shirt: Old Navy Shorts: Old Navy Sandals: Target Necklace: Made by my friend!

Oops, sorry for yet another janky photo.  I took this after a day full of work and class, so my pants are wrinkled, my hair looks pretty bad, and I'm sporting some super cute bags under my eyes.  I wanted to make sure I got a post up for the 30x30, though!

Have you guys heard of this app called Helium Booth?  Maybe I'm super late to the party, but my friend Megan just showed it to me and I'm absolutely hooked.  Basically, the app takes videos, and it makes you sound like you've inhaled a ton of helium (mouse mode) or it lowers your voice in an opposite way (bear mode).  I can't stop taking these videos and sending them to my friends and family or just laughing until I cry.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Me singing "No Scrubs"

My brother singing "Blue Moon"

My response to a video my cousin sent me - my ridiculous giggle!

And...since I'm 6 years old at heart, a story I told Kevin involving farts.



Shirt: Old Navy Skirt: Old Navy Sandals: Payless Necklace: Forever 21

Oof, sorry about the crappy iPhone photo and cheesy grin, you guys!  My regular camera was being super funky today and not letting me upload any photos, so you're stuck with the old iPhone...

I did not have to work or go to class this morning, so I was able to sleep in a little bit (8:00!  Woooo!) and work on some homework before hitting the gym.  Ten minutes into my workout, an episode of What Not to Wear came on...so instead of spending the 30 minutes I intended to on the treadmill, I stayed on for the whole episode...I burned 700 calories, though, so that was awesome!  I just love What Not to Wear, and I'm so sad it's going off the air!  I really hope that TLC keeps playing it in syndication, because it's so entertaining.  I've learned a lot about how to dress my body through the show as well, and how to become more confident in my skin.  Plus, it's shows like this (and trashy reality TV) that make my workouts go super fast!!  Please tell me I'm not the only one who watches trashy reality TV on the treadmill...



Tee: Target Pants: NY&C Sandals: Target Scarf: Old Navy

You guys, I'm not sure what the deal is, but the mosquitos and gnats where we live are horrible right now.  Seriously, they are everywhere.  Every time I walk outside I get at least one bite, and I've inhaled so many and gotten so many stuck between my glasses and my eyeballs that I could scream.  They buzz in my ears incessantly.  This morning, walking to my car, I had one trapped in my hair.  ICK.  They even are coming inside - I kill at least one mosquito each day in our apartment, and there was one in my office at work today when I was trying to get things done.  A couple of nights ago, there was a mosquito in our bed...I only noticed it when I woke up with mosquito bites all over my toes.  At that point, they don't even itch anymore...they just hurt.

Is it just us, or are any of you experiencing a disgustingly high amount of mosquitos and gnats where you live right now?  I mean, we usually have a boatload of them (people in MN say that the mosquito is our state bird), but it is abnormally gross right now.