Fourteen + New Blog URL!

Top: Target Skirt: Target Cardigan: TJMaxx Flats: Payless Necklace: Gift

The last time I wore my nude flats, Rooney decided they looked like a good chew toy.  I was so bummed, and immediately went online to reorder another pair.  They arrived just this week, so I'm really happy to be wearing them again.  I was down a pair of shoes in my 30x30!  Yikes!

I wanted to alert you all that I'm changing the name of my blog to brynnash.  The URL will be changing to brynnash.blogspot.com as well.  I just wanted to let you know to change my URL in your reader to my new address.  I'm making the change for a few reasons.  First, "brynnash" has been my email account for about 8 years now, and has been my username for many things.  It feels like "me" and I'm really attached to it.  When I first started blogging here, "brynnash" was already taken (it was my old college blog, had two posts, and I couldn't figure out how to access it again).  I spent a lot of time today recovering old email addresses and freeing up the URL so that I could have it for this blog.  I never felt attached to "The Original Brynn" and it has always bothered me that "brynnash" is not my blog's name.  So, now that it's available, I'm making the switch!!

If you'd like to keep following along with my blog, please add brynnash.blogspot.com to whatever reader you use, and feel free to follow me on Google Friend Connect at my new site as well.  Thank you!

If anything funky is happening on the new site, please let me know as well - I would love to hear from you!

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