The Best Floral Skirt EVER.

Tee: Old Navy Skirt: Target Necklace: F21 Sandals: Target

So I was really stressed out the other day and instead of choosing to stress-eat, I decided to go to Target and look at the clearance racks.  This floral skirt was on the 30% off rack and only set me back $15, and I totally love it.  The colors are perfect and summery, it has an elastic waistband (comfy!!), and it has POCKETS.  I love it.  Today I wanted to keep it simple with just a plain white tee and a necklace.  I'm looking forward to wearing it with colorful shirts, my chambray shirt, my new coral blazer (that should be coming soon!!), etc.  I definitely think you'll be seeing a lot of this skirt over the next several months.

We just began training our summer staff yesterday, and I'm already super tired.  I'm an introvert, and while I enjoy being around other people, it is exhausting.  I have to be to campus early in the morning and stay later than I'm used to, so by the time I come home, I just want to lay quietly on the couch snuggling with Kevin and the dogs.  I anticipate that I'll be watching a lot of Netflix (my favorite way to relax and decompress) in the coming days...

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