Sweater: Target Jeans: NY&C Scarf: Target Sandals: Target

  • I've been so tired lately (training is exhausting for an introvert like me!!) that I hopped into the shower this morning with my tank top on, and didn't realize I was still wearing it until after I had washed my hair.
  • I believe that guacamole and chips create the perfect "main course" of a lunch.
  • I realize that it's a little strange that I'm wearing a sweater and scarf with sandals.  I'm over it.
  • I accidentally bought a frozen sausage pizza instead of cheese at the grocery store last night, and since Kevin's a vegetarian, I made it for myself to eat for dinner (and leftovers for lunch and dinner tomorrow...).
  • I checked the timer for said pizza when there was one second left...I am a genius.
  • Pippin ate half a bar of soap and threw up the frothiest, bubbliest, cleanest-smelling wad of dog food I've ever seen.  Gross AND impressive.
  • I can't watch the Moore, Oklahoma tornado footage without feeling sick or terrified, so I am trying to distract myself by snuggling with dogs and watching Boy Meets World.

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