Milestones + Outfit Organization

Dress: Target Cardigan: Target Belt: Old Navy Shoes: Thrifted Target stock

Yes, this yellow dress brings my lace dress count up to four...NO SHAME.  I love lace, and I love dresses - what can I say? :)

You guys! I was so side-tracked by the Blog Every Day in May challenge that I failed to realize I've achieved two milestones this week.  First, I have exceeded 100 blog posts!  Wooo!  I feel super excited and proud about that.  I've been known to start and stop projects and not maintain interest in things/hobbies before...so making it to 100 posts feels awesome!  Thanks to all of you who have been following along - reading your comments completely makes my day.

My other milestone is that I've been tracking my outfits in an Excel document for over a year now.  I wanted to keep track of what was in my closet, what clothes I actually wore, plan outfits, etc.  I created an Excel document that stores it all.  When I've worn an item, I color code it...a different color for every time I wear something (up to 8 times...since some of my item like shoes and jeans get worn much more frequently than other items).  I keep track of things that I did certain days too, so I know not to wear the same thing when I see a friend from home twice in a row, or on class days.

I've planned and completed 30x30 remixes and other capsule wardrobes on my Excel document (pre-blog, of course), packed for vacations, planned outfits in advance for linkups and other blog challenges, and dreamed up outfits to wear in the future.  I can search for certain items and see other ways I've worn them and when, which is so helpful.  I highlight outfits that I particularly liked so I can recreate them on non-blogging days.  It's been a really nice way for me to feel very in touch with what's in my closet, and as a person who likes order and control, I really love it.

Here are a couple of screenshots of what it the document looks like.
This shows the outfits that I've already worn.

This tracks the items I own, and how often I've worn them.  For example, the items in red have only been worn once, and the items in teal have been worn 8 or more times.

Do any of you have ways to track and/or plan your outfits, or am I completely nerdy?  I'd love to hear how you've kept track of your outfits!

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