Coral and Navy

Tee: Target Skirt: Target Flats: Payless Necklace: F21

I've been off work since last Friday, and while I enjoyed having the time to bond with Delia and dink around at home, I was ready to get back to work today.  I work in orientation at the university I attend, and we're about to start training all of our new staff members before a summer full of orientation.  I really hate training other people and am not feeling prepared at all, so I was ready to get back into the office today to plug away on some work before our staff arrives on Sunday!  I often feel more productive when I'm dressed nicely, so I wanted to be sure to wear something cute.  I wanted to wear this skirt, and instead of pairing it with something easy/obvious (navy or white), I decided to wear my bright, fun coral tee!  I tied in the navy with a navy and gray necklace.  I really like how this outfit turned out.  I felt comfortable and cute and summery all day.

I tend to place really high expectations on myself.  When I first started the Blog Every Day in May challenge,  I felt determined to complete it and write every. single. day.  I felt pretty good about the challenge the first few days, but after a while, it didn't feel fun anymore.  I wasn't jazzed about every prompt, and I found it to feel like another thing I had to check off of my to do list each day.  It just lost its appeal.  I still think some of the prompts are fantastic, and I may jump in on those days (or borrow the prompts for future posts).  However, I want to keep the focus on my outfits and my own little nuggets for now.  I hate that I'm not completing the project (even though I've missed a day or two) and feel like I'm giving up, but ultimately, I just want to have fun with blogging and not feel such a sense of obligation.  Sound good?

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