Day Seven: Waste.

Tank: Old Navy Skirt: Old Navy Cardigan: Gap Flats: Payless Necklace: Eclectic Wendy

I'm loving this outfit today.  I picked up this skirt at Old Navy for $3 because I liked both the price and the colors, but have found it a little difficult to style so far.  The green of my blouse is slightly brighter than the green stripes on the skirt, but I really don't mind.  I just feel springy and fun in this outfit!  And I don't feel boring like I have lately.  It's finally spring here in Minnesota and I'm able to wear all the spring outfits I've been planning in my head for months!

So, for the Blog Every Day in May challenge today, I wrote this long post about the things I'm afraid of (needles, fish, vomiting) but these are the physical things that make me pass out or panic.  These are the easy things to talk about.  I was avoiding the deep things that really make me most afraid at my core.  The thing, deep down, that makes me the most afraid is wasting time.

I'm not just talking about wasting time dinking around on the internet (which I'm really good at, but wish I wasn't) or watching copious amounts of mediocre television on Netflix (I'm looking at you, Desperate Housewives), but I'm talking about something bigger.  I'm talking about the kind of time wasting that prevents you from living life and experiencing it all.
  • I'm afraid of wasting time on unhealthy friendships.  Or wasting too much time dwelling on the unhealthy friendships I've had in the past that is taking away from the time I could be investing in new, healthy friendships. 
  • I'm afraid of time wasting getting in the way of my family.  My grandfather was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and we don't have as much time (good time, filled with memories) left to spend together.  I'm lucky that I still have four grandparents left, but I know that my time with them is precious.
  • I'm afraid that if I waste too much time, I won't be able to accomplish the things I want to.  I have dabbled in painting, but at the end of the day, it is too easy to reach for my laptop instead of my paintbrushes.  I want to learn to love running, but I waste time sitting around instead of getting outside in my running shoes.  I want to become a mother via adoption, but if I waste my time and money at the mall and doing other frivolous things instead of working hard, earning more money, and putting that money towards my future child(ren), I'm afraid it will never happen for me.
Wasting time is so scary for me.  I would love to get better at using my time well and in the most meaningful and productive way possible.  What have you done to better use your time?  What are you afraid of?

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