Day Six: Dream Jobs

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So far, I've been really enjoying the Blog Every Day in May challenge.  It's been such a fun way to connect with other bloggers and share more about myself with all of you!  Today's topic is to share what you would do if you could do anything (not your current job).  If I couldn't be a school counselor, there are three careers I think I would really love.

1. House flipper.  Since I was a little kid, I've been interested in interior design and architecture.  I used to sit outside and draw house plans for fun, and my parents gave me an interior design computer game when I was like 12 years old that I LOVED.  I used to love playing the Sims, too (NERD ALERT), and my favorite part was designing the house.  HGTV used to be my favorite television station, and I was utterly obsessed with Trading Spaces.  [To be honest, I'm still a little bummed that show's not on anymore.  I was the biggest fan of Paige and Vern (and Hildi was craaazy, amiright?).]  I love going on walks around our little town to look at all the cute houses, and going to real estate websites to see interior floor plans and rooms and everything.  I think it would be super fun to buy houses, gut them and completely redesign the interiors, and then sell them for a profit.  SO FUN!

2. Run an animal rescue group.  I've always had a huge heart for animals.  My dad always jokes that I can never watch movies with "animals in peril" because they make me cry every single time.  Free Willy?  My Dog Skip?  Marley & Me?  Homeward Bound?  Where the Red Fern Grows (the book got me, too)?  Can't watch any of them without crying my face off.  I won't even watch Old Yeller because it will make me bawl. [True story: Kevin started talking to me about Old Yeller a few weeks ago and I started crying.  I'm such a softy.]  Anywaaays, after we adopted our pup, Pippin, I learned much more about the rescue organization that saved her.  I was completely shocked by the information I learned about animals and how many dogs are put down simply because they don't have room at shelters.  I want to have a huge house some day (well-decorated, of course) with a huge fenced backyard so I can rescue dogs from high-kill shelters and place them in their forever homes.  Aside from my dream to be a  school counselor and a mother, fostering and rescuing dogs is one of the things on my "must-do" list before I die.

3. Physical therapist.  I'm a ridiculously clumsy person, and have broken two bones before.  I broke my left collar bone in 8th grade (playing Red Rover during gym class...), and my left wrist about a year and a half ago (I was playing with Pippin on our bed and fell off...).  I needed surgery on my wrist to pin the bone back in place, and after six weeks in a cast, I began physical therapy to get my strength and range of motion back (I'm a lefty, I should add).  I fell in love with physical therapy.  I loved all the exercises my physical therapist helped me do.  I loved watching my progress from session to session.  I enjoyed watching other patients at the clinic make progress.  The physical therapists were so fun, encouraging, and personable, and I found myself thinking about physical therapy as a career.  How rewarding it would be to help patients overcome trauma, injury, and accidents and gain some freedom back!!  I've always been interested in the medical field, but I'm insanely squeamish about blood, needles, etc., so physical therapy would be a good venue for me in the health care industry!

What would you do, if you could do anything?!

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