Day Five: Blogger Love

It is the fifth day of the Blog Every Day in May challenge.  Today's topic is to publicly profess your love for one of your blogger friends.  I'm going to take the time to feature one of my favorite bloggers and friends, Whitney from Along the Lines of Style.

I've been following Whitney's blog since a few months after she began blogging.  I can't even remember how I came across it - through a linkup, perhaps?  Right from the bat, I knew she and I would get along.  She's so down to earth and absolutely darling, and I love her approach to blogging.  Whitney has a great sense of personal style, is young and married (like me!), and forms the minds of young people every day as a middle school teacher.

Before I ever started blogging, I commented on Whitney's blog and was always so touched when she would make a thoughtful response.  I think it is really neat when bloggers respond to their comments - it makes readers (particularly non-blogging readers) feel accepted and appreciated.  Whitney wrote a post about her running schedule several months ago, and I emailed her with some questions (as I, at the time, was just starting to get into running).  She emailed me back with the best and most supportive response.  When I was thinking about starting my blog, I emailed some of my favorite bloggers for some advice, and Whitney remembered me from our previous emails and was so excited for me, and incredibly encouraging about me starting my own blog.

Since then, we've just connected through our love of clothing (especially Target, skirts, and blazers), our interest in helping kids (her as a teacher, me as a school counselor), our similar personalities, and our general lifestyle (young, married, working, grad school...).  We have so much in common - it's uncanny!!  It's been so much fun to get to know each other through the internet.  I would love to meet in person someday and be able to turn our virtual friendship into a real life friendship!

I encourage you all to check out her blog to marvel at her beauty, intelligence, wit, and enviable closet.  Give Whitney some love!! :)

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