100% Target

Tee: Target Skirt: Thrifted, Target Scarf: Target Sandals: Target

Hmm, seems fitting that during the We Love Target challenge I would be wearing a 100% Target outfit...

Today's challenge item is an accessory!  I recently bought this scarf since I needed some fun, colorful, lightweight scarves for the summer.  I love wearing light scarves in warmer weather because they don't make me too hot outside (and if I do get too hot, they can fold up nice and small in my purse), and they add a little extra warmth in the air conditioning.  I love the bright colors in this scarf - I'm usually drawn to neutrals and more muted, cool colors, but I love red, pink, and coral (especially to spice up a neutral outfit!) and this scarf has it all!!

I know that denim skirts are not the most fashionable, but I really love this one.  Since I dislike wearing shorts, this skirt acts as a shorts substitute of sorts (say that 5x fast...) during the summer months.  I feel most comfortable and confident in a skirt or dress, so this is a pretty standard outfit for me.

I'm linking up with Along the Lines of Style today for the We Love Target challenge hosted by her and Literate & Stylish.

(Excuse my hair today...it is especially voluminous today...)

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