Grandpa Sparkles

Dress: Old Navy Sandals: Target Necklace: F21

I was in my brother-in-law's wedding last summer, and all of the women needed to wear silver shoes.  Since I'm not a heels kind of lady, I decided to look for a pair of silver flat sandals with a little sparkle.  I searched high and low for the perfect pair, and wound up ordering this pair from Target online.  They were only about $20, which was ideal for my itty bitty budget, and they are SO comfortable.

I wore them once before the wedding, at my other brother-in-law's high school graduation open house, and Kevin's grandpa (who is usually super serious and stoic) really liked them.  I was sitting with Kevin in the yard, and Grandpa Mac came up to me and looked at my shoes...and we had the following conversation:

Mac: "So, you like sparkles?"
Me: "Yeah, I do!"
Mac: "Me too...how long do you think you've liked sparkles?  Since you were a little girl?  Maybe, like, two?"
Me: "Oh yes, I definitely liked sparkles when I was little!!"
Mac: [nods head...walks away...]

It was pretty funny, and to this day, we all call him Grandpa Sparkles when referring to him :)

I'm linking up with Heidi at Literate & Stylish for today's We Love Target challenge!

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