Obnoxious Cardigan

Tank: Target Cardigan: Target Jeans: Old Navy Scarf: Old Navy Shoes: TOMS

Thank you all for you insights about friendships from yesterday's post.  I enjoyed reading all your comments - and knowing I'm not the only one who has struggled with friendships post-marriage is comforting.  I haven't responded to your comments yet - but bear with me - I'll be responding by the end of the week, once my big paper is turned in :)

The next three days are supposed to be rainy/slushy/SNOWY all day.  I really wanted to wear my new scarf, but I also wanted a little bit of color in my outfit...so I went with the most obnoxiously colored item I have!  Also, with all the rain that's coming today, I picked the wrong shoes.  I'll be wearing boots tomorrow!!

Today is a special day in our family - it's Pippin's Gotcha Day, the day we took her home with us!  We celebrate by spoiling her a little bit more than normal, spending lots of time playing and snuggling, and giving her a huge rawhide.  Two years ago today, we picked her up from her foster mom, and she's been making us laugh every day since.  We love our Pippin!

 The picture that made me fall in love.  Look at that face!!

Pippin and me this morning...sorry about her demon eyes and my wonky scarf!

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