My Own Striped Skirt!

Tank: Old Navy Skirt: Old Navy Jacket: Levi's Tights: Target Boots: Target Necklace: From parents

Oof, you guys.  The Midwest is getting buckets of snow, sleet, and rain today and tomorrow...so today was a boots kind of day.  I'm not one to really complain about the weather, but I did not want to be back in tights.  Since it's laundry day and I'm out of clean pants, though, I had to force myself to dig out my tights again, and I decided to go big or go home with purple tights.  I actually really like the way this outfit turned out.  I've been loving these striped skirts for years, but never bought one for myself for whatever reason.  I recently was in Old Navy using up my Super Cash, and this skirt was on sale for $12!!  Woo!

I've been much more quiet than usual about commenting on others' blogs lately.  First, it was because I was a writing machine, working on the beginnings of my thesis (first draft for the literature review is due on Friday!!), and then my computer battery died.  I KNOW.  I've been blogging from my work computer (shhh, don't tell), because commenting and reading blogs on my phone sucks.  Thankfully, I've got an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar tomorrow to get it back into tiptop shape, and hopefully I'll be able to engage with you all better!!

Also, I have a super important interview tomorrow, so any good vibes you want to send my direction are much appreciated :)

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

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