Dress: Old Navy Tights: Target Boots: Target Scarf: Gift from a friend

Back in middle school and high school, the word "awkward" was horribly overused.  Everything was "awkward" - grades on tests, seating patterns at lunch, interactions between friends...you name it, we teenagers called it "awkward" (same goes for "epic" and "golden").  At the end of high school, I realized how ridiculous it was that we called everything "awkward," and vowed to stop saying the word myself...unless a situation truly was awkward.

"Awkward" is how I would describe myself in front of a camera when someone else is watching.  I usually try to take my pictures when Kevin is showering, still sleeping, or has already left for work, because if he's around, I just can't take a decent picture.  I feel so uncomfortable so I pose weird and make ugly faces and laugh uncontrollably.  It's pretty dumb.  This morning, Kevin was eating breakfast and was 20 feet to my left while I took pictures.  This is what most of the pictures looked like, as I said to him, "STOP LOOKING AT ME!":

Yep, that's awkward.

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