Dress: Target Denim jacket: Levi's Boots: Guess Necklace: From Mom

When I bought this dress a few weeks ago, the first outfit I planned for it was with my boots and denim jacket.  I've been waiting for just the right occasion to bust it out, and today's the day!  Tonight, all the graduating second year Masters students in my program are presenting their theses at our department's Research Colloquium.  All of the first year students (that's me!) will be attending to support the second years and listen to their presentations.  I'm actually really excited about it, because I'm a big nerd.  Some of the topics of the presentations are things I'm really interested in: eating disorders in adolescents, helping students transition from middle school to high school, cyberbullying, and closing the achievement gap.  The event requires participants and guests to dress up, so I am excited to be wearing my pretty lace dress!!

Kevin told me this morning that I looked like a cowgirl...I'll take it.  He also was watching me take my pictures again, and I didn't get as awkward as I usually do.  But then he told me to pose like a cowgirl, and I did this: 

What the heck is this?  We laughed and laughed at how ridiculous it was.  I love having a partner I can laugh at myself with :)

Also, is it just me, or are jackets and blazers exceptionally hard to photograph??  Whenever I bend my arms, jackets gape and fold weird...oh well!

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