Snowy Spring Florals

Sweater: Old Navy Jeans: NY&C Scarf: From Mom Boots: Baretraps

Today is Bri's Third Thursday Threads link up, and the inspiration is spring florals!!  When she first announced it, I had this super cute springy outfit planned.  However, today, this is the view from my living room: 

Yup, that's the start of 8-10 inches of snow that we're slated to get today and tonight.  SO, I had to change my outfit a little bit.  I decided to get one last (hopefully) wear out of this cozy purple sweater and feature my pretty pink floral scarf for the link up!  My professor cancelled class tonight, too, because of the weather...so you get my face free of make up and my hair freshly dried with no product...at least I got dressed! :)

Hey, remember when I said I was interviewing for an important position?  I got a phone call today, and I GOT THE POSITION!  I had originally been placed at a different site for my school counseling internship, but after going to the site, it was 100% not what I had asked for.  I was proactive and stood up for myself and requested something better suited to my interests and needs.  The site I'm at now is absolutely my dream position, and I'll actually be interning at the high school I graduated from.  It's an hour away from where I live, so I'll be doing a lot of driving this next year!!  I'll take it, though, for the opportunity!  So thank you all for your positive vibes - it paid off!!

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