Five Days, Five Ways: Recap

I want to thank Fran and Whitney for their Five Days, Five Ways link up this past week.  I really enjoyed creating fun and new looks around some of my favorite articles of clothing.  I started out a little bit safe, but pushing myself was rewarding, particularly on the dresses challenge.  I also found out that the teal pants I previously thought didn't fit me actually do fit me...and I am pumped to add them into my outfit rotation.

[Also, as a personal reason, this couldn't have fell during a better week.  I was super sick this week with a nasty cold and you never knew about it and didn't have to see me in my gross "sick" clothes and with my sad, sick face.  It was a win-win for us all!]

One of my favorite things about this challenge was finding some new blogs to follow!  I'm always on the lookout for great new blogs with similar styles, budgets, and lifestyles as myself, and this challenge really introduced me to some fabulous new ladies.

Here's a round up of some of my favorite outfits from this week:

Kristina (and many others) showed off new ways to wear a chambray shirt.

Inge's dark red pants are such a great color!  I love how they look with the cognac jacket.

Rebekah has the coolest necklace, and shows off eight fun ways to wear it.

Valerie (and Fran) wore the dress I seriously considered wearing for the dresses challenge!  I love this outfit with a blazer and a colorful belt.  (I also love Whitney's dress for this challenge.)

C put a fun spin on the casual Friday challenge and showed us seven ways she has worn these fun printed sandals.  It makes me yearn for warm weather!!

There you have a sampling of my favorite outfits from this week!  Visit Fran and Whitney's blogs to see all the other amazing ladies who participated in the Five Days, Five Ways link up - you won't be disappointed!

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