Perfect Pants

Tank: Old Navy Cardigan: Target Pants: NY&C Scarf: Gift Flats: Payless

I've had the last two days off of work, so I've taken my pictures right around 10:00 am, and I am LOVING the lighting!  So much better than when I take my pictures at 7:00 am, like I normally do.  I'm hoping that as the days get longer, I'll get this great lighting earlier in the day :)

Today and tomorrow, I'm helping interview candidates for next year's class of the graduate program I'm in.  I am super excited to meet all the prospective candidates, and I'll get to spend lots of time with some of my grad school friends who are also helping out.

I am totally in love with these black skinny jeans from New York & Company.  They are, without a doubt, my favorite article of clothing.  I can't believe I went this long without owning a pair!  I have to remind myself that I can't wear them every day.  When I go shopping, every top I find, I ask myself, "Can I wear this with my black pants?"  Plus, they're incredibly comfortable and they hold their shape well, so I can get multiple wears in before washing them.  On top of that, they fit me perfectly, which is usually such a struggle.  I'm thicker in the waist but have thin legs (comparatively) and not very wide hips.  Usually, pants that fit in the hips and legs are way too tight in the waist, and pants that fit in the waist are baggy and frumpy in the hips and legs.  These pants, however, are PERFECT.  They also have a little bit of a higher rise, which I really like as well.  They don't make me look like a snowman, which is much appreciated.

What's the piece of clothing that you can't stop wearing?

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