February Spending

This is my first time linking up with Franish and the other Budgeting Bloggers.  I haven't really given myself a set budget for each month, although I'm trying to keep it to $50ish per month, or $600 per year.  Being in graduate school and working as a graduate assistant, I have a minuscule budget, and I need to be very careful with how I spend my money.

These are my February purchases:

Dexter Claire scrunch flat (black) - $24.99 + 20% off order = $20

Dexter Claire scrunch flat (nude) - $24.99 + BOGO + 20% off order = $10

I've had a new pair of black ballet flats and a pair of nude ballet flats on my shopping list for quite a while now.  I have a pair of these shoes already, in black and metallic brown (worn hereherehere, and here), and I love them.  They're comfortable to wear all day long, and they actually have held up quite well!  When I saw Payless was having a BOGO (buy one, get one) sale plus 20% off total orders, I jumped on the opportunity to add these shoes to my wardrobe.  I've worn the black pair a couple of times now, and am waiting to break the nude pair out until the weather is a little nicer.

I've just recently created a page of my closet wish list items.  Check it out!!  For this upcoming month, I'd really love to find a white button up, a couple of skirts, some sandals, and a scarf or two.

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