Happy Birthday, Brother Bear!

Cardigan: Target Shirt: Old Navy Jeans: NY&C Boots: Target

You guys!  I got Instagram!  Follow me @brynn_mcconnell for snippets of my life! [Probably lots of pictures of my dog...]

This cardigan is one of the busiest things I own.  Because of how bold it is, I've really only worn it with black or cream, and only with jeans.  I really like it, though, because it's comfortable and purple, and the pattern is intriguing.  How else would you style it??

I hope you all have great weekend plans!  Today is my brother's 27th birthday, so I'm going home to celebrate with my family tomorrow.  I'm so excited!!  Here are some of my favorite pictures of my brother, Ian, and me:

Ian and baby Brynn

Us about 5-6 years ago
Loving life...

Merry Christmas!

My high school graduation

Our wedding (Kevin and me...not my brother and me...)

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