What I've Been Wearing Lately + My 30 Items!

Oh my goodness, you guys!  I just finished two of my summer classes, before my final summer class begins July 8.  I have been swamped this week with final exams, papers, group projects, and presentations.  I have one more big paper due this Wednesday, but other than that, I'm freeee!  I'm so happy - I don't know if I've been this busy before.  14 hours on campus between class and work leaves for very little time for the things I do to decompress, like blogging and interacting with you all!  So I apologize for my silence this week, too.  With all the work I've been doing lately (I work in college orientation), I haven't had exciting outfits either.  This is what I look like pretty much every day, with a slight variation in shoes and bottoms:

(Excuse my dirty mirror...)

Not exactly blog-worthy, right?  Oh well.  My job isn't glamorous, but it's super fun!

So Inge and myself are doing our very first 30x30 challenge together, starting on Monday!  I'm so, so excited about it, and wanted to show you all what my 30 items are before I get started with outfits on Monday.  Here they are!

Green flats: Target, thrifted new Black wedges: Payless Nude flats: Payless Black sandals: Target Nude sandals: Old Navy Pewter sandals: Target 

Gray/white striped tank: Old Navy Black/white striped tee: Old Navy Coral tee: Target Purple tee: Target White ruffle tee: Target Black 3/4 sleeve shirt: Old Navy Khaki/white striped sweater: Old Navy Floral blouse: Target, thrifted new Chambray shirt: Old Navy 

Denim jacket: Levi's Black blazer: Old Navy Coral cardigan: TJ Maxx Green vest: Old Navy 

Purple dress: Old Navy Black dress: Target, thrifted new Striped dress: Target, thrifted new Yellow lace dress: Target 

Black jeans: NY&C Skinny jeans: Old Navy Coral shorts: Tommy Hilfiger Khaki shorts: Old Navy Black shorts: Old Navy 

 Floral skirt: Target Black/white striped skirt: Old Navy

So there you have my 30 items!  I can't wait to get started!  I'm going to wear my other favorite items that didn't make the cut this weekend before the rest of my closet is off limits for a month :)

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