Budgeting Bloggers: June

It's time to link up with the budgeting bloggers again!  Here is the damage for the month:

  • Purple dress: Old Navy, $10
  • Black dress: Target, thrifted new, $5
  • Floral dress: Target, thrifted new, $5
  • Striped dress: Target, thrifted new, $5
  • Brown sweater: Old Navy, $3
  • Striped tee: Old Navy, $5
  • Striped sweater: Old Navy, $8
  • Floral blouse: Target, thrifted new, $4
  • Teal wedges: Target, thrifted new, $4
  • Green flats: Target, thrifted new, $4
  • Orange flats: Target, thrifted new, $4

  • Black sandals: Target, originally $10 but free with gift card
  • Chambray shirt: Old Navy, $12
  • Jeans: Old Navy, $19, but $9 with rewards
  • Sandals: Old Navy, originally $10 but free with Super Cash
My grand total for June is $78.  I originally had just planned to get the Goodwill items (so many awesome things, right?!).  However, I wound up having some Super Cash at Old Navy so I picked up a few things.  Many of them satisfy some holes in my closet (black/white striped tee, light chambray shirt, nude sandals), and I wound up picking up the jeans because my only other pair of skinny jeans shrunk and are now way too short for me to wear.  I also picked up a new pair of black sandals at Target since my old black sandals were several years old and getting uncomfortable, worn, and stretched out.  I have a ton of items that I am ready to take to Plato's Closet and/or Goodwill, so hopefully I'll add a little bit of money back into my pocket :)

I haven't worn many of these things yet, but many of them will be included in my 30x30 items, so you'll see them soon!

How did you do this month?

I'm linking up with Franish and the other budgeting bloggers!  Check out everyone else linking up and see how they did in June.

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