Tee: Target Shorts: Old Navy Cardigan: Target, thrifted new Scarf: Gift Flats: Payless

Last week, we finally started to welcome new students to campus for my job in orientation.  I was decked out in our school colors all day from Wednesday-Friday, and it feels good to be in "real people clothes."  While I still will be sporting my school polos on and off all summer, I get to wear my regular clothes, too!

I start two of my summer classes today, too.  It's going to be a warm day today, but I'm sure my classroom will be cold...hence the cardigan and scarf.  I'm okay with that, since we've had really abnormally chilly days for most of the summer so far.  As much as I hate shorts, I'm happy to be wearing them out of necessity :)

I was running out of time to take pictures before needing to leave for work, so I had Kevin come outside and snap a few shots.  He said, "Now you need to do a silly shot!  When I see you taking pictures, you always need to do a silly one!" and I came up with this pose.  He also told me that I had to post it, because he would check :)  Gotta love him.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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