Day Twelve: The good old days

In today's challenge, we're supposed to write about something that we miss.  For me, I would give just about anything to go back to elementary school for even a day.

Kindergarten Brynn
I absolutely loved school when I was growing up.  From kindergarten on, I never complained about going to school.  I mentioned in my first blog post of this challenge that I loved reading, and school involved a lot of reading...I was set!  I loved learning about different cultures, history, plants, animals, math...I soaked it all in.

First day of 1st grade
I was lucky to grow up in an amazing school district (ranked second in the state of Minnesota!) and I had so many incredible teachers.  As a gifted child, they challenged me and pushed me and kept me engaged in class material.  As a shy little girl, they knew how to reach out to me and help me become more outspoken.  As an overly confident 4th-6th grader, they taught me the importance of humility and taking turns (and raising my hand...I was a "blurter").  They are what inspired me to want to work in the public school system and change lives.

My 9th birthday...A teddy bear birthday party complete with a super cool vest, made by my mom!
I miss the structure and variety of elementary school.  I miss having all the time in the world to read books, spend time with friends, and hang out with my family.  I miss the innocence of childhood.  I never felt truly scared of the world we live in until having to practice lock downs in 6th grade after Columbine, or watching coverage of 9/11 in 8th grade.  I miss how easy it was to make friends, and how quickly you made up if you got in a fight over who got to play with the only Barbie whose head hadn't fallen off (their necks just never looked the same after that...) or the only Beanie Baby that still had it's tag on (everyone knows they're worthless after the tag gets damaged).

4th grade piano recital with my brother and cousin.  I especially like my pioneer chic dress and neon watch.
I am so excited to be interning in an elementary school this upcoming year.  I will get to relive some of the most happy and magical times of my life and see young children learn, develop, and grow just like I got to.  I am so, so excited for this.

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