Day One: The Story of My Life

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I'm going to be participating in Jenni's Blog Every Day in May challenge.  I've seen challenges like this before and have always wanted to join in - now is my opportunity!  It's going to be fun to have a topic to write about each day (sometimes that's the hardest part about blogging for me - figuring out what to share with you all!), and I'm looking forward to the challenge of blogging each day, including weekends.

The first day of the challenge is to tell the story of your life in 250 words or less.  Here we go...

I was born 25 years ago, and my parents always say that I completed their family: they had their son and their daughter, and everyone was happy.  I was a shy, smart, wise little kid.  I started reading when I was three and spent most of my childhood with my nose in a book.  Music was another huge part of my life.  I sang all the time (and still do), and played piano, flute, and clarinet up through high school.

In high school, I was involved in theater, in both acting and stage crew roles.  While they don’t play a huge role in my life now, the people I met in theater had a huge impact on my life, and many of the issues I’m passionate about today can be traced back to them.

I attended college in St. Paul and LOVED it.  I reinvented myself in college and became a confident leader.  College was a time of deep struggles, but ultimately widespread growth.  Meeting Kevin was the best part of college and he continues to be the light in my world today.

We got married, moved to Iowa, and I worked in college admissions for two years before returning to Minnesota for graduate school.  Graduate school has confirmed my passion for helping students and I have learned so much about myself.  I see a wonderful life ahead of me, one in which I empower students, become a mother, develop close friendships, and rescue dogs.  Bring it on, life.

I'm also linking up with Day Three of the Pantone Color Challenge on Marissa's blog today!

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