I love purple.

Dress: Max Studio Denim jacket: Levi's Sandals: Target

To anyone who read and commented on my blog post yesterday, THANK YOU.  All of your sweet comments really mean so much to me.  I'm wrapping up some big assignments this week, but please be assured that I will respond to all of your comments soon!

So the next five days are supposed to be cold, rainy, and SNOWY (!!), and I wanted to enjoy dressing for warm weather one last time before the yuck happens again, so I chose one of the springiest looks I could find: a maxi dress, denim jacket, and sandals.  I feel like I'm wearing pajamas!!

Today is the second day of the Pantone Color Challenge (see below), and the color for today is African Violet.  For purple being my favorite color, I sure don't have lots of it in my closet!  This dress is as close as I could get to African Violet - it works, right??  I love this dress.  I bought it in Chicago with a friend several years ago, and it's lasted in my closet all this time.  I love how "easy" it is.  The color is gorgeous, it fits me well, and it couldn't be more comfortable.  I really like the detailing under the bust, too.

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