The Perfect Date

Tee: Target Pants: NY&C Scarf: Old Navy Flats: Payless

SHORT SLEEVES!  I am so pumped it's in the 50's today - I had to celebrate with my new short sleeved tee.  Two things about this shirt: 1. It is SUPER comfortable and silky.  Go to Target today and get one in every color (I just bought four...because all my other short sleeved tees were all stretched out and gross). 2. It's really more of a vibrant coral color than orange, but it didn't photograph well.  Just know that I don't look like Halloween today - I'm shooting for spring :)

A couple of weeks ago, Kimmie wore a super cute motorcycle jacket and said it was the perfect jacket for the perfect date.  It turns out that today is the perfect date.

You're welcome.

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