Productivity and Purple

Shirt: TJ Maxx Cardigan: Target Jeans: Old Navy Shoes: Target

I am a far more productive person in the morning than I am in the evening.  If I wake up and get myself out of bed, I will work, work, work until everything is complete.  For instance, this morning, I woke up an hour earlier than usual and tended to some much neglected housework (laundry, dishes, vacuuming).  I wrote this blog post, had breakfast, and am on my way to the police department to get the police report from my car accident to send to the insurance company (yes, it's been two weeks, and no, my car has not been worked on at all and the insurance company won't provide me with a rental car...ugh).  I have projects for work and papers for school that need to get done, and I'm feeling highly motivated right now - best feeling ever.

I had a different outfit planned for today, but I really refused to wear tights one more day...so last night, I asked Kevin what color he loved to see me wear.  He said he loves to see me in dark purple, so I pulled out this cardigan and based my outfit around it.  Although this shade of purple is probably my all-time favorite color, I only have this cardigan, these shoes, and a dress in this color.  I better change that.

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