I made an Orange Julius!!

Shirt: Target Blazer: Target Pants: NY&C Flats: Payless

I'm finally wearing my lace shirt that I had been looking for FOREVER.  It's exactly what I wanted - a loose fit, pretty lace (but not too grandma-y), short sleeves, and long enough to be worn untucked and tucked.  It has a really cute keyhole cutout in the back, too!  I am super excited to wear this with skirts, too.

So I've written before about smoothies and how much I love to make them for breakfast, but I kicked it out of the park today.  I used pretty much the same ingredients as usual (ground oats, vanilla protein powder, bananas, vanilla yogurt, soy milk, frozen peaches, orange juice), but today's smoothie tasted exactly like an Orange Julius.  So. Delicious.

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