Budgeting Bloggers: April

It's the end of the month, and I'm linking up with Fran and the other budgeting bloggers!  Here is a breakdown of what I purchased this month.

I had Super Cash to use at Old Navy ($30 of free money!!) so I stopped in for some new clothes.  I found:

I also got a couple of tanks at Old Navy for $5 apiece, because I have been in desperate need of new tank tops.  Have you tried these rib knit tanks?!  They're amazing.  Super comfortable, and they hold their shape very well.  Total spent at Old Navy this trip was $60, but with the Super Cash, I only spent $30.

I stopped at Target to replenish my t-shirt stash, as well, since all my old tees are stretched out, faded, look worn, etc.  I found these dressy tees and bought four of them for $7 each: black, white, teal, and coral.  They're so comfortable and do not stretch out, plus they're silky smooth.  Perfection!

I also went shopping recently to buy shorts for my job this summer.  We need to wear black or khaki bottoms, and shorts need to be longer than your fingertips when your hands are down at your sides.  I wound up finding some great options at Old Navy (YES, AGAIN, I KNOW...it's my favorite store!), and a few extra things there and at TJ Maxx while I was out looking for shorts.  Also...I signed up for an Old Navy credit card.  I wound up getting 40% off of my total purchase.  I figured it was a wise thing to do since I shop there ALL THE TIME anyways.

Old Navy finds (take two):
At TJ Maxx, I found a beautiful Cynthia Rowley dress for $30 and an adorable polka dot button up for $20.  I'm excited to show off both of them on the blog soon!!

Grand total for March: $153.  OUCH.  I'm going to try to avoid shopping as much as I can in May.  I have found myself going shopping for stress relief and out of boredom.  I have not been to the movies, out to eat much, or out for anything really fun in ages, and shopping is kind of my hobby (is that weird?  Whatever...).  Really, all I've spent money on lately is gas, groceries, and clothes...so that's okay, right? I'm still paying all my bills and putting little bits away for saving, so it's okay, right?

To be fair, many of the things I bought were things I was in need of: replacement tees and tanks, bottoms for work this summer, a replacement gray cardigan for the one my dog accidentally snagged with her toenails...plus, I love dresses and skirts more than anything, and I wanted some fun new ones for this spring and summer.  I've also been getting rid of things that I don't love consistently, to keep my wardrobe as manageable and appealing as possible!

My goal for next month?  DON'T SHOP.  I need to conserve my money, and there aren't other things that I need.  I have a problem with telling myself "no" in pretty much all aspects of my life, and I do want to get better at that.  I will not die if I don't go shopping this month.  It will be okay...(tell me it will be okay?!)...

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