Mirror, Mirror

Cardigan: Target Tank: Old Navy Jeans: NY&C Scarf: JCP Flats (not pictured): Payless

OMG AN OUTFIT POST!  Since I wasn't planning on being stranded at my mom and dad's house this long, I didn't bring home my camera or anything.  I didn't want to leave you all hanging, though, so I hope you enjoy my iPhone picture that I took in my parents' room :)  I packed in a rush and just threw clothes in my suitcase, without really planning ahead.  I'm glad that this outfit "worked," however simple it is!

Again, thank you all for your kind words and support!  I have been feeling the love from all you fabulous readers, and it means so much to me!  I'm looking forward to having life slow down a little bit so I can get back into a normal routine of work, school, and blogging :)

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