Restless Hair

Shirt: Old Navy, thrifted Cardigan: Target Trousers: TJ Maxx Flats: Payless

This pink shirt is one of my neglected pieces for Kate's No Longer Neglected challenge.  I absolutely adore this shirt, but it's been neglected since the summer since I wasn't sure if it would look okay with a cardigan (due to its boxier cut).  I'm glad I tried this out - I loved the simplicity of this outfit, and it made me feel springy, even though it was in the 20s today.  I also got to wear my new nude flats, which are SO COMFY.

I'm feeling the need to change up my hair.  I'd love to dye it, but don't want to have to keep it up.  I want to cut it (I really want a short hair cut - a little longer than Anne Hathaway's original pixie), but I'm a little self-conscious about my chubby cheeks.  I've been trying hard to change my eating habits and pushing myself at the gym more, because finally getting the short hair cut I've always wanted will be a great reward for my efforts :)  Maybe what I'll do for now is just get it cut a little shorter and ease my way into the shaggy pixie...

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