Five Days, Five Ways: Striped Shirt

Woohoo!  It's the first day of Fran and Whitney's Five Days, Five Ways linkup!  I'm so excited to be doing this.  Since I have only been blogging for two months, I don't have much of an archives yet.  I wanted to challenge myself to create new outfits with the items I have.  Don't worry - I'll actually wear all of these in real life :)

The first day of the challenge is to create five different outfits based off of one top.  I chose this black and white striped shirt I bought at TJ Maxx this fall.  I really love this shirt - it is soft, I love the wide black band on the sleeves, and the shoulders are interesting.

Skirt: Old Navy Wedges: Payless Necklace: Eclectic Wendy

First of all, excuse my pale legs - they haven't seen the sun in months :)  I would wear an outfit like this to work or on a weekend.  I really like the combination of black, white, and red (those were our wedding colors!), and these wedges add a little fun element to the outfit.  I wish I had a really great black statement necklace - I would have loved to add something like that to this outfit.  Or maybe a belt?  It is a little plain, but definitely something I would wear.

Teal jeans: TJ Maxx Shoes: Target

Be prepared to see these pants more often (tomorrow).  I'm not sure how much I love this outfit.  Perhaps if I had a cardigan or blazer over it, or a scarf, or a fun necklace, I'd like it more.  It's quite plain, but it's certainly wearable.

Jeans: NY&C Shoes: TOMS

In real life, this is likely what you'd see me wearing on a weekend.  Something easy and comfortable, but appropriate for wearing in public.  It might also look cute with a fun necklace or even colorful shoes.

Jeans: NY&C Flats: Payless Scarf: Old Navy 

I love this outfit!  It's simple, like most of my other outfits, but interesting with the little bit of pattern mixing.  I'm not usually one to do pattern mixing (I feel like most of the time it looks like people just got dressed in the dark), but this works for me.  It's not too busy, and the prints are both very neutral.  I would wear this to work, school, on the weekends, etc.

Blazer: Target Jeans: NY&C Flats: Payless

This outfit has a very basic foundation, but I love the addition of my teal blazer.  Teal and black look so sharp together.  I would definitely wear this outfit to work.  I could also add a necklace or fun scarf to give a little more variety to the outfit.

I had a great time putting these outfits together.  Which one would you wear?


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  1. I love stripes! I think the last two looks are my favorites. I think I need to try the stripes and leopard soon :)