Oh, this old thing?

Shirt: Old Navy Cardigan: Target Skirt: Target, thrifted Tights: Target Boots: Bare Traps Scarf: Old Navy

I'm linking up with Blue Paper Lanterns today, with the "Oh, this old thing?" link up.  The idea is to find something old in your closet and wear it with pride!

As I looked through my closet, I noticed that most of my shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses are fairly new (within the last 2 years or so).  The older things I own are accessories and shoes.  I believe this scarf is the oldest thing I have in my closet.  I got it when I was a junior in high school (2004-2005).  I bought it with two henleys, one pink and one magenta, and only wore this scarf with one of those two shirts.  I definitely was more of a "uniform" dresser back in high school.  Top X only went with Cardigan Y, which perfectly matched my embroidered jeans...that kind of thing.

Here is a super close-up selfie of me, as a junior in high school, wearing the same scarf with the magenta shirt:


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