Top: Old Navy Blazer: Calvin Klein, thrifted Jeans: NY&C Shoes: TOMS Necklace: From Mom

The other day, I was talking to a friend about how much I love the combination of gray and navy, except it came out as "gravy."  Awkward.

Please excuse the tab hanging out of the sleeve of my shirt.  I thought I tucked those suckers in, but the right one kept coming out.

I really love how these skinny jeans feel on me, but they are too baggy from the knees down.  I wonder if I can get that fixed...looking at this picture, the bunching at the knees is driving me nuts.

I got this beautiful, soft, structured gray blazer at Goodwill several weeks ago.  I went to put it on last week one day, and noticed there was a hole in the seam of one of the sleeves.   Thank goodness for my mom's sewing skills - I brought it home to her over the weekend and she stitched it right up!!  Thanks, Mom :)

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