Tank: Old Navy Blazer: Target Pants: NY&C Necklace: F21 Boots: Target Wedges: Kohls

I'm posting two incredibly similar photos today.  In the first photo, I'm wearing my trusty black boots, and in the second photo, I'm wearing black wedges.  I just wanted to see how the outfit looked with each pair of shoes.  What do you prefer?  Boots or wedges?

I listen to music in the shower every morning.  I love the show Glee (even when it sucks), and I have a playlist of Glee songs on my iPod.  This morning, I turned on the music, put my Glee playlist on shuffle, and the first song that came up was the Glee version of Rebecca Black's "Friday."  Now, the song is stuck in my head.  I apologize to anyone I have to see today, because I'm probably going to be humming "Friday" all. day. long.  HAPPY FRIDAY.

[PS. Do you like how the sun is shining on my face this morning?  I feel like I'm an angel.  Or Jesus.]

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