Easy Sweater Dress

Dress: Old Navy Fleece-lined leggings: Target Knee highs: Target Boots: Target Scarf: JCPenney

As promised, this Tuesday, I wore something warmer than I did last week to accommodate for a freezing cold classroom.  I love this sweater dress from Old Navy - I have it in three different colors/patterns!  A dress like this is so easy to wear...just throw it on, add some accessories, and you're dressed.

Have any of you watched the movie Pitch Perfect?  It's one of my favorite movies - when I was in high school/college, I would have loved to be in an acapella group like the Barden Bellas.  I love to sing and dance :)  I've been singing songs from the musical for over a month now.  The song of the day for me today was Cups.  Enjoy!!

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