Freezing Outside, Toasty Inside

Sweater: Old Navy Black pants: NY&C Leopard scarf: Old Navy Boots: Guess

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  Today, because of the holiday, I do not have work or school, so I'm working on schoolwork at home.  It also happens to be -6 degrees with a biting windchill that makes it feel like -30 degrees outside...which is why I'm wearing my warmest sweater!  I generally love living in Minnesota, but days like today are kind of tough.  I took Pippin outside this morning to go potty, and while my torso was super warm, my legs were burning with cold after only being outside for about 10 minutes.  I am thinking of all those people who do not have homes today and are exposed to the elements today, and feeling incredibly grateful to have a toasty roof over my head.

I realize that I wore a very similar outfit to this on Thursday.  I have this sweater in three colors (you've already seen the oatmeal and blue colors), but they are so snuggly and warm.  Plus, these black skinny pants are probably the most comfortable pants I own - perfect for a day full of reading.

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