Dress: Old Navy Vest: Old Navy Sandals: Old Navy Belt: Target Necklace: Eclectic Wendy Designs

Today is Kevin's 26th birthday!!  We have a pretty low-key day planned, since Kevin isn't one for big birthday fanfares or anything.  All he wanted was to spend time together and get some ice cream, so that's what we're doing!

Yesterday, Fran had an interesting discussion on her blog about dressing for yourself vs. dressing for others (in particular your partner).  Almost 100% of the time, I dress for myself, but today, I dressed for Kevin.  He has said before that he loves seeing me in purple, and I know he about dies whenever I wear anything that shows off my legs, so I thought this purple dress was the perfect way to make him smile on his birthday.  He also tells me all the time that I don't need to wear makeup to look beautiful, so I went really simple today with just mascara.  I still feel like me and am dressing true to myself, but this outfit is one that he really likes, too :)

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