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Happy Monday!

Today is the first day of my last summer class, and I'm actually really excited about it.  My professor wrote the textbook that we're using, and he also happens to be my advisor and favorite professor, so it will be a great class!  I also start back up with working again after a lovely week off, and while I'm bummed that my break is up, I'm really excited to see the staff I work with again.  Supervising 18 college students is a challenge sometimes, but they make me laugh so much and I love watching them grow as leaders.

Today's outfit, believe it or not, is a little bit of a stretch for me.  This skirt has no purple in it, so to be wearing a purple tee with it feels weird!  I usually dress so literally and matchy.  Part of what I wanted to get out of this challenge, however, is pushing myself to dress outside of my comfort zone a little bit, and I'm taking little baby steps along the way.

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