Three Years.

Three years ago today, I married my best friend.

We were 22 years old.  I had just graduated college and we had survived a year of living three hours apart from each other.  We were young and happy and very much in love.

Kevin and I are a nontraditional couple.  We wanted our wedding to be 100% "us."  Our centerpieces were vases with goldfish in them and custom-made truffles in our wedding colors (made by my mom's friend, a chocolatier).  We got married on a Friday evening and had hearty appetizers instead of a formal sit-down meal.

My mom is wonderful at sewing, so she made my wedding dress.  My aunt, who makes jewelry for a living, did some gorgeous beading on my dress.  There are a lot of hidden things within the beadwork that make it that much more meaningful.

We wore Chuck Taylor shoes in our wedding, as did our wedding party.  It's something that both Kevin and I had thought about doing years before we even knew each other.

We did not have a religious ceremony.  Instead, one of our mentors from college (who supervised us both as students) wrote and officiated our ceremony.  Kevin's mom is a pastor, so she "officially" married us, which was really special.

We got married in an indoor park.  This was a perfect option, since we both really wanted an outdoor wedding but were nervous about weather.  Instead, our venue (which had both our ceremony and reception) had beautiful trees, a waterfall, huge windows with lots of natural sunlight, and a gorgeous amphitheater in which we had our ceremony.  It was so perfect.

My dad wrote and sang a song for our wedding.  The song is all about our love story.  Dad and I recorded ourselves singing it together about two years ago, and I listen to it all the time.  It's such a special song, and it is one of my favorite parts about our whole wedding.  I'll be brave some day and share it with you all :)

Our wedding was one of the best days of my life.  It was so fun and meaningful and beautiful.  It captured our love perfectly.

Happy anniversary, Kevin - I love you all the days!

(Yep, Kevin had a ponytail the first two years we were together.  He has been shaving his head for two years now!)

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