On Necklaces

Shirt: JCPenney Skirt: Goodwill Tights: Target Boots: Target Necklace: F21
  • I used to wear the same necklace every day.  My grandma gave it to me for my confirmation when I was 15 years old, and I wore it every day until the chain broke about 2 years ago.  I still need to get a new chain so I can wear it again.
  • I keep seeing the necklace I'm wearing today everywhere!  Someone was wearing it in class this weekend, and I have seen it on a few other bloggers.  It's great color, though, and I like that it's chunky without being heavy.  I also got several compliments on my necklace today, which was kind of nice.  This outfit is pretty plain, so the necklace really stands out.
  • I tweeted this weekend that I saw the J.Crew bubble necklace in person for the first time this weekend!  I have only seen it on bloggers before, but never "in real life," and I (jokingly) have thought of it as a legendary item or something...like a unicorn...It does actually exist, though!  ;)
  • As spring comes nearer (although not near enough, as we're expected to get something like 9 inches of snow today), I'm hoping to rely less on scarves to spice up my outfits and more on necklaces.  I have many necklaces, although I don't wear many of them.  With Kate's No Longer Neglected challenge going on in March, I'm hoping to wear more of my necklaces.  I'll donate or sell the ones I don't wear, and be on the lookout for new necklaces to add to my collection.  I'll also ask for feedback about how you all might style some of the necklaces that are more difficult for me!
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