Springy Sweater Dress

Dress: Old Navy Fleece leggings: Target Boots: Guess

Hello to new readers who found me after my guest post on Whitney's blog yesterday!  I'm happy you are here :)

Today's outfit is simple and easy.  Spring will be here soon (although Minnesota apparently hasn't gotten the memo - it's 8 degree outside right now), and my sweater dresses will need to retire until the fall.  I haven't worn this one on the blog yet (but I wore it constantly when I first got it back in November), so I wanted to give it the love it deserves :)  I love the colors on this dress, but find them a little limiting.  Basically, it's looked similar to this every time I've styled it... Do you ever get into a rut with certain items?

I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!!

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