Wedding Shoes

Sweater: Old Navy Jeans: JCPenney Shoes: Converse Scarf: Gift from my parents

I recently posted about being quite picky about the shades of purple that I wear.  While I usually prefer deeper shades, I really liked this pretty lavender sweater (yup, I have this sweater in three colors).

My scarf and shoes have some personal significance, as well.  My parents gave me this scarf for my birthday a couple of years ago, and I really like it.  It's super soft, and the little pompoms dangling from it are fun.  Pippin also likes them and thinks they're a toy :)

The shoes I'm wearing were actually the shoes I wore at our wedding.  When Kevin and I first started dating, we both discovered that we wanted to get married in Chuck Taylors (both of us wore these shoes constantly in college).  Neither of us had any idea that people had ever done this, and thought we were super unique.  Two years later, when we were planning our wedding, we actually started the planning process with the shoes in mind.  I realize now that we aren't the only people who have had this idea, but it was very "Brynn and Kevin," and really fit in with our very personalized and very fun wedding.

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